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Ways HR mobile app can help to streamline flexible working hours

Ways HR mobile app can help to streamline flexible working hours

Many companies are now giving importance to flexible working hours and hybrid work modes. Not only for enterprises but this is also a good option for employees who can enjoy working from home and still maintain productivity levels. All that is required is having the right tools and resources. Officenet's hrm mobile app is one of the best software that you can utilise to manage mid-size and large-size organisations via this system. Also, it's a great investment for companies as they don't need various types of software with this one and can access an all-in-one integrated HR system that synchronises every employee process easily. It's also easy to use and reduces time and effort drastically.

Here are the top ways

Easy login & logout

With the HR mobile app, employees can check in and also check out after the official working hours. This helps to track the everyday hours of each employee and know if they are complying with the time policy of the organisation. This helps to record attendance as well .

Project submission & management

The HRM mobile app helps employees mark and update the progress of the projects they are working on. It's also easier for the team leads to check the progress made by their team and where the work is lagging. This is an excellent feature for hybrid or work-from-home model .

Applying for leaves

With the best HR Mobile App, employees can fill out leave requests and get them approved too. This will take off the need to email the HR department to avail of the leave. Employees can also check leave balances for the annual year and plan accordingly so work is not disturbed .

Easy document management

Employees need to submit and retrieve a lot of official documents. From new hires wanting to access employees' rules and regulations to former employees needing to access notices, minutes of meetings etc. Document management can be streamlined via a reliable mobile app for hr . All these features of a mobile HR app can help your organisation to operate at its best potential without causing any chaos. For management & employees this is a great resource so make sure to consider this.