Talent Management Software

Talent management System helps to identify high-potential employees and develop succession process to create talent pipelines and individual succession plans. TMS stimulates an environment of high productivity and development, which results in workforce attaining its full potential and retention of employees, becomes easier. Talent Management Systemsare designed to enhancesystems for recruitment, development, and retain people with the required skills and aptitude to meet the current needs and strategic organizational goals. This reduces the need for additional recruitment by recognizing people within the company itself. Talent Management System solutions offer disparate or integrated modules that provide business functionality in areas of strategic human capitalmanagement.

  • Performance Management System
  • Compensation management System
  • Talent acquisition /Recruitment System
  • Payroll software management
  • Learning management systems
talent management system

Why Officenet Talent Management System?

Officenet Talent Management Software is an all-in-one talent management solution. It is cloud-based system offers applicant tracking (ATS), on boarding tools, Office time on-off tracking PMS with easy reporting and a convenient mobile app for HR. PMS is a fully automated system giving easy access to interpret graphical representation with 360 degree reviews, bell curves and normalization. Employee's goal setting/KRA and aligning employees with the strategic plan to drive betterperformance improvement.Automatic job requisition & posting makes it efficient, time saving and AI- assisted candidate selection makes it easy. Once the candidate is selected, and then begins the seamless digital on boarding process, & generating comprehensive reports on placement & performance.

Talent Management System lets you leverage your workforce's hidden skill sets and workforce.TMS helps managers and HR Personnel in streamlining all processes associated with talent pool. This not only helps the organization to grow and is cost effective but also creates a stronger bond with your employees who become empowered by the process and feel that their employer understands them.Employee Training Calendar of Officenet HRMS is best suited for repeatable and regular requirements, such as refresher skills training for infrequently performed technical tasks and for new employees joining the organization.

Another advantage of a quality TMS system is that other departmental managers can review and rate an employee's progress. This helps HR to assess the employee's performance to see if they are eligible for a raise or a promotion. By having this Officenet system in place, retaining those who are an asset and discipline those who have not been committed to their job becomes efficient. If there is scope for improvement, managers and HR professionals can provide their employees with training materials so that employees can further their skills. By keeping track of the applicants in these software systems, only the best candidates are chosen and only the key employees are retained. This eliminates costs and reduces the time it takes to manage human resources.By using Officenet TMS tools organizations can eliminate talent gaps that might exist to create a skilled workforce.