Employee Self Service Software

Employee Self Service (ESS) is a combination of technology and organizational change that enables users to interact directly with their human resource data to inquire, review, and act upon transactions in the workplace. ESS promises a "paperless" office, streamlined business processes, and the elimination of "administrivia" for human resource staff because employees and managers conduct basic transactions via computer that were formerly completed on paper forms and then processed by HR staff.

Employee Management Software

With our dedicated Employee Management Software employees can have instant access to features and data related to them;payslips, applications, etc. Often included with ESS is the ability for employees’ to apply for various reimbursements / online forms and have that application directed to the employee's manager for consideration. ESS focuses from these purely efficiency based applications towards empowering employees and managers to take more responsibility for their jobs and development.

We also have an HRMS mobile app for the Employee self-service portal for any time, anywhere access. With its time tracking and timesheet software, decision-making becomes easier. The principal advantage of our Online employee management system is that it is a more efficient means of collecting changes to employee details. This is particularly true for organizations dispersed over a number of physical locations.

  Employee Management Software


  • Money-saving as no printing, postage, etc. required, i.e. allow you to 'Go Green'.
  • Save a substantial amount of time with our employee database management software.
  • Ease your decision making with our analytic driven which provides better insights into the business.
  • Lets your workforce service themselves to save more time at HR base with our self-service portal.


  • Leave Management and Short Leave System
  • Out Duty Pass
  • Attendance Card Integration with Shift Mgmt
  • Local Conveyance Claim, Travel Claim, Reimbursement Claim, Medical Claim and LTA Claim
  • Stationary Request Form
 Employee Management System
 Employee Management System
  • Conference Room Booking and Guest House Booking
  • Travel Requisition, Taxi Requisition, Hotel Requisition and Loan Requisition.
  • Material Gate Pass
  • Mobile Expenses
  • HR Data Synchronization with SAP / Excel Sheet
  • Asset Management
  • Employee Joining and Exit Work Flow
  • ID Card / Visiting Card Request Form
  • Mobile / Sim / Data Card / Printer Requisition
  • IT Requisition Form and Manpower requisition
  • Employee Quarter / Half Yearly Nomination Form and Picnic Requisition Form
 Employee Management System

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