Training calender - Employee Training Management System

Training plays an important role in supporting organizations to meet their Work Health and Safety obligations. It assists in improving workplace productivity and helps to reduce employees’ compensation costs. Make Employers trust you to present high quality training opportunities that will help improve people performance and achieve business goals and objectives. Officenet Training Calendar offers an ongoing calendar of training at your organization and outer-lying locations.

Officenet Training calendars are the best suited to repeatable and regular demand, such as refresher skills training for infrequently performed technical tasks and for new recruits joining the organization. In these cases, review what training is required on a regular basis and look at what new recruits need to be proficient at soon after they join any organization.

training calendar
training details


  • Ensures management of appropriate information about training
  • Reports and attendance of attendees
  • No time wasted like in manual process of setting schedules
  • Gives an alert if in case, the schedules clash


  • Training Requisition- The form can be filled by anyone from employee to the HR
  • Manage Training Calendar- Training calendars managed by the Admin
  • Training History- View your training history