HR Mobile App

HR department is an important part of the company, that is why it is necessary to streamline HR processes for an easy management. HR Software has been modifying its technology and use since its origin. This modification can be seen in mobile phones. It is reported that more than half of the employees access information and work related reports and data through HR mobile application.

Workforce on the move

Mobile phones have become a mini laptop for many people and has changed the way organizations are operating. A simple and easy HR mobile app helps employees to easily access the work related information anytime, anywhere and keep up with daily task and busy schedule. Employees can maintain their work chart, keep a tab on their attendance, update payroll information, etc. with just a finger click away

Mobile apps for Human Resources works similar to the HR software. It comprises of all the features that an HR software provides like:

  • Performance management
  • Leave management
  • ESS workflow
  • Payroll software management
  • Employee tracking etc.

Improve productivity by speeding up the process

We at Officenet provide HR mobile application to help you and your organization cope up with the busy schedule and improving technology. Mobile application for human resources improves HR process and employee satisfaction along with boosting productivity.

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HR App Features

Capture a wider customer-base by creating dedicated apps for the business.

Employee Benefits

Online HR apps or HR management apps, both occupy the same features and lets the user to utilize its functions from anywhere. Employees have the advantage to improve their proficiency along with the flexible features.

Increased Productivity

With the anytime- anywhere use, the employees get an easy access to the information and projects so that they can complete the task even when they are off-site or away from their desk.

Error Reduction

Error is a common mistake made by humans. Organizations have number of employees and managing them is quite difficult. Mobile hr apps helps to manage employees easily and automate certain tasks to reduce error.


Notifications like push notifications are convenient and efficient which highlights key messages with a high open rate. Organization through notifications give employees a quick access on the move. The push feature also provides the high authorities to view and process pending requests.

Convenience and Flexibility

Mobile hr apps helps the employee to concentrate on important tasks conveniently. The flexibility of an hr mobile app can be viewed from its ability to let employees manage their details from their mobile phones, whenever they want or is required.

Project Management
Project Management

Every project needs attention and focus, thus a comprehensive management of the project helps in the timely completion of the project. HR app helps you to make strategic plans for the project, view progress analysis, and sometimes even collaborate with the other team members if required.