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Different Types of HR Software

Different Types of HR Software

Different Types of HR Software performs a variety of HR tasks. Some solutions are comprehensive, encompassing most of the functions of HR management; while others are specialized and offer assistance with one or two HR tasks. Some other solutions are flexible and offer help for core HR administrative tasks with an option to add modules.

Some HR solutions in India are offered as individual applications while others are packaged as a complete system. An integrated system usually consists of human resources management, payroll processing and recruiting administration.

Here, the HR software is grouped into 3 main HR system types regarding the aspect of HR functions they manage:

Human Resource Information System(HRIS)

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

HRIS is a software which helps to manage the policies and procedures that provide guidance to the employees. The software also helps companies to manage people, along with keeping their information organized and accessible.

HRIS is more of a data-driven solution that allows crafting in-depth reports for audit purpose. This system has an advantage of a single point for data entry and for retrieval and analysis in a common format.

HRIS solutions encompass the following areas :-

Recruiting and tracking of applicants

HR Reporting

HR Workflow

Training & Development

Compensation management

Open enrollment and Benefit Administration

Self-service for applicants, employees, and managers

HCM (Human Capital Management)

HCM integrates all the functions of different software into a single platform along with benefits of additional talent management services and global capabilities. It provides automate processes like performance reviews, recruitment, training, payroll, etc.

This integration into a single platform provides a number of benefits for business; like it collaborates different departments into one work flow system, employees can easily get the insights and metrics shared by the management with them and across departments, communication is easy across the department because of the connected platforms.

Some key solutions in HCM are as follows :-

On boarding

Core administration

Global HR

Performance Management

Workforce Management

Succession planning

Position Control