Recruitment Management System

Recruiting qualified and talented candidates is a key to the future success of your company. When you promote from within or fill new positions with internal/external candidates, there is a positive effect on staff morale. Employees feel that the company rewards hard work by offering an opportunity to take on new responsibilities or move to a department in which an employee has an interest. Internal recruiting also can inspire employees to perform at peak productivity. When the reward is an opportunity to move into a better position, the staff will work hard to maintain a high level of productivity. Through Officenet this can be done with no cost effect. Employee can apply for any vacant post according to interest of position, department, can refer any other employee/external candidate for appropriate vacancy with an easily understandable process.


  • Automated recruitment activity
  • Time saving
recruitment management software
  • Build large searchable talent pools
  • Manage service provider better
  • Add value to your existing ERP and HR systems by implementing a recruitment system that fits existing HR infrastructure
  • No manual records need to be maintained


  • Job openings may be posted which is visible to all
  • Employee referral
  • HR can send calendar Invites to Interviewer & Interviewee
  • Archiving of all the information that is stored in DB. HR can view the details at any point of time
  • Provides an option for recruitment through consultant and sending them requests through portals