Leave Management Software

When looking for Leave Management Software you need a system that facilitates the total leave process, from completing leave applications by employees, leave application approval by Supervisor/HR & management to setting up your specific company parameters such as leave types (sick leave, maternity leave, etc.). With Officenet Leave Management you will not only get a full system facilitating the leave process, but a system that allows you to customize the software package to you specific needs/policies, enabling you to better manage your resources and improve the overall companies productivity.

Officenet Leave Management facilitates the effective and smooth management of personnel leave. The Human Resources Department can always be up to date with their leave management. With comprehensive reporting, the Officenet Leave Management provides a wealth of information about your company's HR at your fingertips in no time.


  • The automated process/email saves time
  • Easy to understand
    and use
Leave Management Software
  • The admin has the whole sole authority and therefore he can monitor every move
  • Cost reduction as no person required to manage the data/files
  • Data security
  • Customizable and flexible


  • Online application for both short and long leaves
  • Manage and track all the leave information of your organization
  • Customization of leave types as per your company policy
  • Enable leave restrictions and assign different color codes to different leave types
  • Leave management system tracker- Configure holidays on the basis of location
  • The department leave calendar- Track the employee leaves dept. wise. The appointments, meetings or events may be easily scheduled according to the presence of the employees.
Leave Management Software