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Major leave management challenges and how LMS can help

Major leave management challenges and how LMS can help

Proper management of leaves is one of the main responsibilities of the HR department & it plays a crucial role in work-life balance. If not done effectively it may lead to serious conflicts which contribute to degrading relations between employees & organizations and may end up with employees exiting the workplace. The best way to deal with these conflicts is to get an effective LMS that helps to avoid them in the first place. Let us now know the major challenges related to leaves and how Officenet's best leave management system can help in combating these

1) Understanding leave policy

Employees may not comprehend the leave policy if it is written in a difficult or complex way. Also, estimating and computing leaves is a difficult task for employees. But with leave management software all of the leaves balance is calculated and reflected in the system. Employees or HR department don't need to go through any rigorous calculations

2) Estimating deductions for every type of leave

Paid leaves, national holidays, leaves without pay, sabbaticals, half days, casual leaves etc. There are many different types of leaves and each one has its own compensation rules. Keeping track of each employee and calculating fair deductions is quite a hectic task. An hr leave management software can do it automatically every month without any errors

3) Compliance with laws

The HR department and supervisors need to comprehend and memorise all statutory provisions to ensure the organisation is operating appropriately. The leave application software takes care of statutory compliance that your business needs to adhere to. With this, you no longer need to manually check and recheck the statutory compliance

4) Applying for leaves

Applying for leaves was never an easy task. Not only do employees have to review the leave policy thoroughly but also they need to calculate if they can take leave or not. Also, they need to write the leave application stating all the details manually. However, the employee leave software is here to do all the. Everything is already computed and in just a few simple clicks employees can apply for the leaves

So to avoid these confusions or conflicts that create a lot of workplace-related stress, it is a great move for your organisation to get the best leave management software and better your workforce management effortlessly.