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Key HR METRICS tracked and calculated by Global HRMS

Key HR METRICS tracked and calculated by Global HRMS

HR METRICS is defined as the figures or the numbers that help the HR department to understand the effectiveness of their workforce. Every organization needs to take important decisions which directly affect the success of employees as well as the organisation. Making informed decisions that are backed up with proper analysis is the fair way to head your organization and here the enterprise hr software can play a huge role with tracking and measuring vital processes.

Here's how Hr saas software can help you with the Metrics

Vacancies & Hiring cost + time

The global hrms can help in keeping track of vacancies effectively. The cost per hire is also reduced with the software and the HR department doesn't have to indulge in repeated recruitment tasks. Internal employees can also apply for the vacant positions and this helps in easy hiring without wasting much time and effort

Headcount & Absentees

The easy to use saas based hrms ensures appropriate headcount and also manages the complete leave process of the organization. The system also complies with the sick leaves, maternity leaves etc policies and holds a track record of every employee which can be retrieved and accessed by the organization in no time.

Salary changes

Payroll management is one of the most important aspects of any organization. The salary computation, revisions, deductions, etc can be managed by the hr enterprise solution. The statutory reports as well as customized payslips are also produced by the software. These metrics are helpful for the organisation for reasons like promotion, salary hikes etc

Employee performance

With 100% accuracy, the Saas based HR software can perform the tedious task of performance analysis and measurement. These metrics are essential to retain the right talent and deploy effective and fair performance appraisals from time to time

Expense management

There are many costs that an organization incur such as recruitment costs, travel costs, reimbursements, compensation and benefits. The HR department is responsible to track and manage these metrics without errors however every time it is not possible hence here global hrms can help

You can contact Officenet, one of the top hr saas companies to book a demo. The automation of metrics calculation is essential to save time, effort and costs. To err is human but when errors take place then the effectiveness goes down. Hence is it best to rely on the software that performs these tasks with 100% accuracy.