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ESS and its benefits

ESS and its benefits

ESS or Employee Self Service is a software platform that is widely used as a human resource technology to enable employees to perform administrative tasks like updating personal information, manage payroll, access leave and other company benefits information, etc.

ESS Management Software acts as a connecting point for the all the employees to access basic information and fill out the required details. Employee Self Service software helps to eliminate the manual and tedious paper based work, managed by the administrative staff.

In today’s busy schedule ESS Management Software is like a blessing in disguise. It helps the organization and the employees to access to information anytime, anywhere.

Efficient communication

It acts as a centralized communication mode between the organization and employee and also between the employees and departments. Employee Self Service software gives employees easy access to the information, so that there is clear and correct communication between departments for projects. Also the access to information is controlled and secure, i.e. if the management does not want a particular information to get shared or visible to the employee then the access to that particular information is not given.

Up-to-date policies

While manual work is monotonous, ESS Management Software comes to the rescue. It is easy to manage work and employees with ESS’s one of various features like these. Mostly in large organizations the management keep their employees up-to-date with the HR policies and procedures with the help of Employee Self Service software, which otherwise won’t be accessible on-time or easily.

Employee training

Employee Self Service software portal helps employees to take online training classes. The training record of the employee can be collected and analyzed through this portal. Online training means that the there is no need of any physical appearance, and little involvement of HR or management. This method does not hinder the daily work routine of the individuals or the seniors, giving enough space for learning.

View personal data

Employees can view their personal data including payroll history. The Employee Self Service software lets the employee update their information and also make changes to their payroll information. Through this method employees get the record of their performance and growth.