Technology - Officenet HR Software

Intranets use Web servers to distribute information, and users view intranet content with
the same Web browsers they would use on the Internet.

Officenet – simple by nature and complex by design

Officenet is a Microsoft technologies based solution with .NET in the frontend and MS SQL
database in the backend. A Linux based version of the solution is also under development
and shall be released as an alternative option for potential customers.

The Intranet solution gets deployed on your Windows Server and can be accessed by the
employees over the LAN. Easy to update & manage : The Intranet solutions comes bundled
with a content editor which can be easily used by those who have moderator rights to
modify the Intranet content from time to time.

Intranet / Production Server: will be used to host the Intranet and should be
dedicated for the purpose. The server should have the following specifications and supports :

Software specifications

* Windows Server
* .NET Framework
* IIS Web Server
* MS SQL Server
* SMTP Server (Enabled in IIS)
* FTP Server (Enabled in IIS)

Minimum Hardware specifications

* Xeon Server with 500 GB Hard disk space
* 32GB or above RAM with flexibility to upscale

Better configuration will provide reliability and speed

VPN based Access: In case the Intranet Server will be accessed by multiple locations via a VPN than the bandwidth allocated to this application should be optimized in such a way that all users can easily browse the same. Bandwidth assessment tests are carried out by our engineers prior to implementing the Intranet in such scenarios.

Spotlight : Officenet SaaS Model

Clients will now have the option of cutting down on Infrastructure costs by subscribing to the hosted version of Officenet. Pay as you use is the new Mantra.

Officenet Architecture

Officenet application follows a standard architecture for the development that helps to run the application fast, secure & error free.

Below are the development methodologies/criteria.

Application Model

Discrete Component Type

Load Balancing: The load balancing for our application depends on the server configuration. Higher the configuration of server less amount of time it takes for the execution of any process. It does not depend on the no. of users accessing the application. For different actions the request does not go to the server directly. The AJAX mechanism handles the request at the client server. This is the approach taken for scalability and availability as illustrated below:

Load Balancing