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A completely integrated solution that will enables you to create Dynamic forms with varying levels of Approval Workflows. Also helps manage Tasks with an enhanced methodology, allowing you to assign, track and monitor task closures, hours spent and linked to overall business goals.

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Logbooks Utility



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Business Log books Utility

  • Create & modify Dynamic Forms or log books in accordance to specific requisite(s).
  • Create your own tables and replace traditional paper based registers
  • Induct and dynamically configure Approval authentications.
  • Specific handles like 'Inventory', 'Gate pass' and ‘Breakage' can be easily modified in the log books.
  • Introduce 'Checklists' with varying degrees of Frequency.
  • Dashboard to monitor exceptions and daily reports
  • Provide enhanced Employee interaction with the 'Business Utility Mobile App' module.

Task Management

  • Manage daily Tasks aligned to various meetings, project status, assignments, etc.
  • Tasks can be linked to individuals KRA’s and overall business goals
  • Get a panoramic outlook for assorted Tasks onto your 'Dashboard'.
  • See Employee-wise daily task progress with reminders, escalation and reassignment facility
  • Micro-manage and capture every Task detail adeptly and efficiently.
  • Provision to outline an employee's Attendance statistics.
  • Induct conversation-over-text feature for teams, departments, etc.
  • Provide enhanced Employee interaction with the 'Task Management Mobile App' module.
task management
timesheet management

Timesheet Management

  • Create new custom Timesheets that are designed in respect to your specific requisite(s).
  • Manage specific Timesheets that capture essential data like project timelines, hours spent and so on.
  • Get a complete overview of every associated Project variable and parameter.
  • Understand the overall Statistics with the 'Reports and Analytics' section.

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