Your strategic HR partner is right here!!.

Propel suite of Payroll and HR modules crossing the necessities of in-house utilization of SMEs and huge corporate. The HR Software is exceptionally intended to be adaptable to meet the dynamic changes in the finance process that makes it genuinely business and employee well disposed.

cloud based hr software officenet
It is easy to use, is windows based and can meet complete payroll necessities. With its effortlessness, adaptability and cost-adequacy, it is the ideal answer for a wide range of organizations. With the Cloud Based Payroll Software, you get less Payroll Headaches, less debilitating Paper work and significant serenity.

It has representative Master which permits to include employees and furthermore import employees from Excel Sheet. It permits including various Earnings and Deductions segment in Payroll Structure, has equations, conditions and furthermore Slabs. Attendance data can be imported from excel and it is likewise conceivable to check attendance. It likewise incorporates leave and additional time points of interest. Pay can be handled effortlessly. There are reports for Attendance, Payroll, Leave, Loan, Arrears, Over-time and so forth. It has an ESS (Employee Self Service) Module, which employee can get to themselves to include and oversee different solicitations.

A total HR and Payroll Solution which will decrease your preparing cost and guarantee precise and streamlined HR forms.

The payroll structure in many associations is mind boggling and comprises of various segments. Cloud based HR Software can enable your HR division to characterize the parts and detail compensation structures effortlessly. With this Software, upkeep of payroll turns out to be simple and helpful for your HR division. You can set the month to month esteem segment; figure extra minutes information, outside motivating force installment section, reward, unfulfilled obligations and so forth. This module can empower you to play out numerous pay processing and last settlements.

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