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HRMS makes a better choice for the company Growth

While you plan to run a company, it is certain that you will generate a lot of information, not only through the work you are doing, but also through your staff. To get efficient management in these aspects as well, you need some kind of system that aside from making the job easier will also guard this confidential information. The human resource information system is a way which is more commonly used by a lot of companies to manage everything easily and become even more productive. Having this system in your company you could aid the human resource team to get in the practice of getting practical in the workplace. As all the information is digitally converted, the use of paper notably decreases making the method an eco-friendly one.

A good HRMS makes you eligible for a lot of advantages. Human resource information is generally important as all these utilize your company’s core. It is only fair that you treat all information involving them with the greatest confidence. Having this attitude towards your employees will make them feel secure and confident. This in turn can make them productive and they will be happy at the workplace.

Almost all companies allow a leave vacation of significant time period for their staff. Tracking the holidays can be hefty tasks and would generally require a lot of work to handle. Integration of professional leave management system also helps you to coordinate future vacation patterns of your employees by tracking their present vacation habits. Management gets excellent outlook of employees that are on leave since the processing of these applications can be done electronically you get all the benefits of saving costs such as buying paper. The software can easily incorporate various other features that are helpful to HR and Personnel Department.

With the payroll software employers easily get to facilitate calculation of gross wages or salary due to an employee based on hours worked at set hourly pay rates or a periodical set salary. With payroll software automation o the application of payroll legislation to make the required tax deductions for transferring the exact net pay to employee either through the means of cheque, cash or credit transfer. Employers are obliged under the legislation to then remit PAYE, attachment and pensions order deduction to the appropriate HRMC, court or pension provider on a timely basis. Payroll Software is a vital tool to benefit the company that provides crucial audit, management and financial reports that detail payroll costs by employee or cost centre.

Various things are there that you need to consider before deciding whether your business organization requires a HR software or not. You should check out the number of employees working under your organization, company’s budget and the complexity of the HR Software. A combination of all these factors will allow you to make better decisions whether it will be beneficial for your company to consider HR software or not.
The Software you select must include versatile features and should be integrated with multiple functionalities. When you need to buy payroll software you need to pay attention to many characteristics that are favorable for your organization.

Managing your workforce through Netcomm Labs HRMS system

Netcomm Labs presents the most versatile Intranet Solution with integration of the most sophisticated features to handle your day to day operations with ease and care. The Employee Self service program has been made to ensure that all your basic communication needs are covered with ease. Simple and innovative features are a significant part of the program and utilize the latest management tools for sharing information.

With Payroll, tax filling and reporting becomes easier and the time lag is notably decreased. Payroll software programs can be for weekly, biweekly or monthly basis use. A broad range of features are available for the benefits of a company providing vital financial reports, crucial audit management detailing payroll costs through employee or cost department. With its help managers can sort out and track personnel records providing assistance in the HR functions of the organization.

With an employee portal a company and its officials can offer unique services to their employees to ensure their satisfaction. With the employee self service program only one third of the conventional application for the employee and HR person would be required. All transaction information is added to benefit balances, record attendance, claims, payroll queries, etc. One can immediately see the savings in effort for all employees and HR executives and this directly translates to better productivity for the company. In environments with Employee portals, 500 employees being served well through a single executive is common. In non-automated environments the number would range anywhere between 50 and 200 being dependent on the complexity of HR environment. With Employee portals ROI can be brought back in a matter of months. In case if any employee forgets his or her password, you can easily retrieve it through password retrieval.

It is well known that vacations and holidays are a necessity among organizations and their workers. Everyone needs a holiday and the staff constantly manages the whereabouts of something that is done manually. Coordinating the absence or leaves of staff and vacations of any organization tends to be a hard task with hundreds of employees. At the present time, various software companies work on leave management system programs that can provide you with essential help to tackle these kinds of problems. To make a close check on the employee files applying for leave, checking on any problems, rejecting or approving different applications can be done with the help of leave management systems.
Coordinating all these leave request would surely be a nightmare, but by employing absence management tools you can significantly save costs and reduce challenges. The benefit of using software which incorporates employee vacation calendar in leave management system means that you can have user friendly spreadsheets helping you manage leaves of your employees.

With human resource information system, you get a track of direction where your work related decisions are leading you. Through getting a better and precise view of the present happenings within your organization, you get the power to predict what would happen in the near future. HRMS software makes it among the best things that company owners could sign for to get results through all aspects.

PMS Or Performance Management Systems Play a Vital Role in an Enterprise’s Growth

Whether it is a small business or a large enterprise, it is important that each employee’s performance be monitored, managed and evaluated. An organization’s growth depends on individuals working inside it and vice versa. Performance management is not simply about monitoring them like supervisors do but going beyond by inspiring and motivating them through an evaluative process that focuses on their pluses and corrects deficiencies.

Keeping track of hundreds of employees and their specific history at any moment in time is not easy if you do it manually. IT based PMS or performance management is the only viable solution. Employers know exactly what is going on. Employees know a system is transparent and that their performance is evaluated honestly with a fair chance of advancement, thus encouraging them to do their best.

Sophisticated solutions have customized features that allow enterprises to set goals for each employee with weightage given to their performance. Managers can modify such goals and monitor achievement levels at any time as also provide feedback through reviews that help staff members correct and do better. Such PMS can also be a base for providing alerts as well as training programs for those in need of improvement as well as to help high performers to go on to the next level as valuable contributors to company growth. A sophisticated PMS would integrate Bell curves in reports, self development tips, scorecards and interaction giving rise to many benefits.

With a PMS, managers can view graphical chart of progress in an automated system that is safe and secure as well. Employees can do more as can managers since IT relieves them of doing everything manually.

If and when you do decide to go in for HR IT solutions, make sure you pick one from a provider with sophisticated PMS features customized to your enterprise’s operational methods.

Sonali Chowdhry is an accomplished HR professional and contributor to blogs as well, with her favorite topic being PMS as a barometer of company growth.

HRMS, the When, Why, What, Where and How of it

Human Resource Management System or HRMS is an integrated package combining several modules all connected to human resources in an organization and its diverse functions.

A medium or small scale enterprise may consider implementation of a suitable HRMS package and may postpone it on the grounds that the number of staff or extent of operations does not warrant such an implementation. This is wrong since you are bound to grow and at some point data, especially archival data, would be unmanageable or costly if such a solution is implemented at a later date. The timing is now so that you can iron out kinks and fine tune it as you go along and grow.

An automated IT based HRMS is far better than that managed by humans for speed of execution, up to the minute data availability and reports, employee satisfaction, reduced costs, improved efficiency and as a contributor to growth of a company. For any enterprise, human resource is the basic capital on which rests their growth. Manage it well and you have a formula for success.

HRMS, especially one that is developed by experts for enterprise scale implementation, includes virtually all modules and functions of the HR department. The package includes payroll, searchable employee database, attendance, performance evaluation, monitoring, benefits, leave, employee self service, scheduling, absenteeism, analytics and report generation.

Identify the needs of your organization, present and future. Select a suitable HRMS solutions provider based on competencies, flexibility and scalable features of the package, cost, support available, customizability and ease of use when you decide to implement it if you must get the maximum returns.

Sonali Chowdhry is an acclaimed HR professional with years of experience at corporate level in selection and implementation of HRMS solutions.

Leave Management System, an Indispensable Part of HR

Leave management is integral to and forms an important component of HR operations.

A typical leave management module of HR permits employee self service section to allow staff to make online applications. Managers in charge can track all such applications and customize types of leaves that can be sanctioned at short notice according to staff and departments in order to minimize impact on work flows.

A leave management solution is absolutely indispensable not only to ensure employee satisfaction but also to ensure that the operations of the organization are not disrupted or crucial work is not held up. Managers must know whether a specific employee is entitled to leave and if so, how many. They also must know the tasks the employee is carrying out and whether such a leave could affect any ongoing work.

This allows decision makers to make crucial decisions as to whether to sanction or disallow leaves with enough justifications that do not leave a staff member peeved at the refusal.

The type of leave management process you have in the overall HR package also plays a vital role in efficiency of administering this part. It should be automated, easy to understand and use. Since each organization and its way of working is different, the leave management process should be customizable in addition to providing data security for it to be truly productive and give returns on investments. If you want a solution that works for you, pick an IT solutions provider and check for all features before implementing the HR package with the leave module.

Author Bio:
Sonali Chowdhry is an HR professional with years of experience in handling various aspects of HR functions at a corporate level and writes regularly on various aspects in this department.

HR Software—The Hub of all HR Functions

The question is not about using HR software—that is a given. It is about which HR software to use that will take care of all functions in a seamless, well integrated and ease to use way for all stakeholders, which means the staff and management.

HR package you select for your organization would naturally be expected to include all administrative functions such as evaluation of personnel, recruitment process, ongoing appraisals, payroll management, database analytics and reporting along with interactive employee self service.

As an organization grows in size it is difficult to manually handle all these functions without expensive errors and delays that lead to inefficiencies, reduced productivity and staff dissatisfaction. With passage of time managing data becomes even more of a monumental task, something the HR solution takes care of in an easy and cost effective way.

HR solutions are vital for large organizations with hundreds of employees spread across several branches. Keeping track of each employee, finding his exact location and accessing total records as regards performance, remuneration, deductibles and expenses become easy when you have an automated IT solution for HR in place.

Implementing the right software for HR is important too. If you make the wrong choice, a kludgy or incomplete package would leave you stranded and unable to carry out all HR related functions. Consider all features, pros and cons before you select a package that grows with your needs. An intranet with HR is perhaps one of the finest combinations you should look at for all round satisfaction and performance.

Pick the right solution provider and you resolve one side of your operations that will reflect in better performance in all other departments because HR is the core.

About Author:
Sonali Chowdhry is an IT expert with specialization in HR solutions for corporates and enterprises, with years of experience in consulting and streamlining HR departments.

Intranet Portal Applications for Precise Work and Effective Management

A modern and inclusive intranet portal means that there you can find a standardized user interface (UI) in addition to an inbuilt system to confirm user authentication. In simple words, the user can access the portal by signing in rather than visiting it simply. You’ll note an increase in knowledge domain of employees of an organization and improvement in data sharing and accessibility. The technology lets company’s management to aggregate, distribute, categorize information and facilitate collaborations in a user friendly manner. Among the significant applications of intranet portal is the highly crucial employee portal. The intranet consists of various useful workflows and applications, providing accessibility to the whole office processing anytime you would like in a highly secure environment. Portal system for employees facilitates improvement in productivity by allowing corporate communication and saving more time irrespective of the time and place.

Dedicated employee self service
Important components of intranet portal such as employee self service ESS system is an example of a time saving practice that is presently on the move. With the help of these processes employees can now easily get access to information without asking for assistance from their HR team. Employee self service systems can handle a variety of tasks such as managing health documents, company handbooks, newsletters, holiday requests, internal job applications, training documents, etc. Effective and easy processing of all these components are only possible through an employee self service system.

Performance management to achieve goals
An organization using performance management systems gets an increased, error free and effective work flow. An advanced PMS vitally helps in managing the overall work performance of the organization and its employees. To analyze and make improvements in performance procedures, the key performance indicators needs to be set well in advance for an effective and smooth appraisal system. These indicators are dedicated towards results and aren’t action oriented. A senior management team is responsible for supporting the performance indicators. A dependable and typical performance indicator adds value to the business and is also analytical.

Focus intended systems
The organization’s management committee and decision makers distribute resources and determine necessary levels while making performance levels. The focus is always laid on accomplishment of priority targets that are designed for measuring the performance indicators for certain objectives. A highly advanced performance management system provides vital information that is highly significant and supportive for decision makers. The measures taken for performance and outcomes must be selective and useful for providing valuable information to decision makers.

Managing leave through intranet
At some point of time, companies may be feeling the necessity for a leave management system. This acts as a requirement for companies that function with a large staff where they’ll always find others going out on leave and others coming in. The system helps by simple functions such as electronic processing of vacation applications and tracking the holiday period with other related papers.
Intranet portals have gone through a lot of changes in the recent time period so getting along with these technologies greatly help for reducing the overall work with more accuracy and effectiveness. They provide help in much more convenient ways than only functioning as a gateway to access an organization’s data.

Inventive HRMS Intranet Technologies to Get a Smoother Organizational Workflow

The much comprehensive intranet is used for a set of private networks that are present in a company using networking expertise as an instrument for facilitating communication between workgroups or people. Intranet portal makes notable improvements in the entire domain for knowledge of employees of an organization and data sharing ability. Organization personnel are able to distribute, categorize and control the information, share calendars and make numerous other collaborations in a user friendly environment anywhere and anytime they want to. With an intranet employee portal, communication between a company’s members can easily be facilitated, maintaining an effective work environment.

Quick Tasks with Employee Self Service
One time saving technology by intranet portals is the employee self service system. With the technology employees can easily access necessary information without contacting their line manager or HR team. With the availability of a central storage location storing information has become much easier, so rather than calling or emailing HR department the information can be availed through this innovative technology. Whether its access to handbooks of a company, newsletter, requesting holidays, applying for jobs or health and safety documents, all of these tasks are made convenient through employee self service system.
HR management for reducing stressful works

Another crucial concern for any organization is HR management. A helpful Human Resource Management System can efficiently relay processes of daily HR activities with proficient information technology. Newest innovations in information technology services have considerably improved cost efficiency in organizations. Some examples of these technologies are appraisal system, human resource payroll system, integrative corporate management systems and software as a service (SaaS). All these systems are integrated for mitigating the HR department of their bulky and stressful workloads.

Getting familiar with benefits
Important administrative activities conducted by HR department are vital and common for all organizations. Functions of HR department are included in the field of evaluation, recruitment, appraisal, payroll, etc. With the initiation of inventive human resource management systems, companies and their HR departments quickly began realizing its benefits like automated processing of HR functions and database management services. Being influenced through the system’s innovative benefits, organizations migrated to the automated HRM system.

HR applications
Irrespective of the organization’s size, the software is highly useful for managing data employee wise, salary information, their skills, records, confidential files and other related things. To provide more ease in HR workflow and make it more user friendly, developers have formed different modules in these applications like self service module, work schedule module, payroll module, HRMS, recruitment and other modules. Their diverse functions help to maintain smooth workflow in diverse job areas.

HRIS for resolving issues
Human resource information systems applications must be initiated by organizations to identify other companies going through similar issues of human resource certainly in case of information technology. With the unmatched effectiveness of HRIS, the systems are able to produce effective and much faster outcomes that can only be done on a paper.
Industries can face growth in a proper and much faster manner with the proper installed applications on their systems to improvise with rigorous and diverse workflow. Effective and error proof functions always leads to betterment of organizations.

Payroll Software is a Cost Effective Tool for Streamlining of Payroll Operations

As the world becomes increasingly globalized with the rise in mergers and acquisitions and a highly mobile workforce, the payroll process is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to administer. Technology has come to the rescue with advanced payroll software, customized for local or global use to administer payroll processes for multiple locations with a single employee database, accessible from anywhere.

Payroll software takes away a major part of the heavy lifting process from the Payroll / HR team with very little input needed from the employer. Basic information that payroll software requires to process payroll include employee wage information and hours. The payroll software is designed to handle all the complex and tricky calculations as well as withholding. The software also includes features for automatic updates every time tax laws undergo an amendment. Some advanced payroll software are also equipped with features to fill out employment tax forms on behalf of the employer as well as send reminders for filing them.

Payroll Software offers businesses significant advantage in terms of reducing costs and liability, and increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the payroll system by minimizing the possibilities of human errors. Key benefits include:

1.Helps businesses to organize, simplify and integrate complex business processes into a single system.

2. Diligent compliance systems lead to reduced risk of liability through oversight.

3. Ensure accurate and reliable processing and reporting of financial.

4. Ensure privacy and confidentiality of payroll data through controls.

Given below are some must have features of a good payroll software aimed at efficiency and accuracy of the entire payroll process

1.Simple and easy to install. It saves time and expense on training new employees .

2.Flexibility to customize as per your business requirement. Every organization operates in a unique way. An effective payroll software should be customizable to create custom categories of income and deductions and apply the pertinent tax laws for calculation of the same.

3.Include features for online filing of tax forms from data generated through the payroll software

4.Generate custom business intelligence reports exportable to PDF, Excel, or Quickbooks format.

5.Validating mechanism to ensure accuracy of data and calculation

6.Control mechanisms to protect against data hacking

Well designed and implemented payroll software can be a huge time-saver making it much easier to manage complicated calculation, constantly changing tax laws and ensure all your payroll data is available in one repository.

Advances in technology is leading to a growing trend towards web based payroll software allowing for further streamlining of payroll operations and greater cost savings. Web based payroll software also allows easy access to management to data for better, and faster decision making. They also do not need expensive on location hardware and software applications leading to significant cost savings for business. Web based payroll software also make it possible to apply updates easily and seamlessly, while also ensuring data reliability and security and disaster recovery remotely without the need for onsite IT support.