Office Net, Netcomm Labs’ Intranet Solution, emerges as a preferred HR Portal across Industry Verticals.

Office Net, an innovative Intranet Solution from Netcomm Labs, a pioneer in the domain of Corporate Intranet, has hit a user base of over 3 Lakhs across 20 industry verticals.

An Integrated HR Portal, OfficeNet is well equipped to meet all communication needs within the organization. A one stop shop HR Solution, it has found a pan industry appeal.

People are greatest asset for any organization. It is here that OfficeNet plays a crucial role in managing an organization’s workforce. It performs end to end HR functions beginning with base intranet features such as storing HR Information right through to publishing surveys, facilitating employee referrals, viewing salary slips & more. The ESS feature of the Intranet, provides an Integrated leave Management System offering myriad advantages to all 3 constituents viz The Employee, The Human Resources Department & the Organization at large.

It is also equipped with a strong Performance Management System, which facilitates goal setting, providing feedback, generating appraisal reports & more.

“Intranets are often seen as dull but useful, which make it difficult for intranet teams to gain the resources and popularity that they require. OfficeNet comes packed with innovation and simplicity both served with the latest tools to manage, share and publish information across your organization”, said a company representative.

Other than its tactical functions, the HR Portal also works as a great strategic tool in empowering the organization with valuable data that aids decision-making & business intelligence.

Netcomm Labs was recently awarded the Entrepreneur India 2013 awards for Service Business, in the SAS & IT Services Category

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