HRMS, the When, Why, What, Where and How of it

Human Resource Management System or HRMS is an integrated package combining several modules all connected to human resources in an organization and its diverse functions.

A medium or small scale enterprise may consider implementation of a suitable HRMS package and may postpone it on the grounds that the number of staff or extent of operations does not warrant such an implementation. This is wrong since you are bound to grow and at some point data, especially archival data, would be unmanageable or costly if such a solution is implemented at a later date. The timing is now so that you can iron out kinks and fine tune it as you go along and grow.

An automated IT based HRMS is far better than that managed by humans for speed of execution, up to the minute data availability and reports, employee satisfaction, reduced costs, improved efficiency and as a contributor to growth of a company. For any enterprise, human resource is the basic capital on which rests their growth. Manage it well and you have a formula for success.

HRMS, especially one that is developed by experts for enterprise scale implementation, includes virtually all modules and functions of the HR department. The package includes payroll, searchable employee database, attendance, performance evaluation, monitoring, benefits, leave, employee self service, scheduling, absenteeism, analytics and report generation.

Identify the needs of your organization, present and future. Select a suitable HRMS solutions provider based on competencies, flexibility and scalable features of the package, cost, support available, customizability and ease of use when you decide to implement it if you must get the maximum returns.

Sonali Chowdhry is an acclaimed HR professional with years of experience at corporate level in selection and implementation of HRMS solutions.

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