Employee Self Service Makes for Open, Transparent and Interactive HR

An automated HR solutions is indispensable these days but what you must specifically focus on is incorporation of employee self service module if you want to be transparent, open and interactive as a way to encourage staff participation in a company’s growth.

What exactly would you want in an ESS solution? At the very least this part of the overall HR package must have leave management, on-duty pass, attendance, shift management, expense management, online request forms, bookings for travel and hotel, gate pass, data synchronization, asset management, employee induction and exit, ID card requests and all the sundry processes that employees and managers must follow in the day to day as well as special operations of an enterprise. ESS makes it easy, straightforward and transparent, reducing burdens on managers as well as staff, helping to achieve more and focus on important tasks.

Why have ESS when one or two employees can handle all these processes? employee self service automates the process and makes for quick action as well as for a paperless office since most of these transactions can be done online. This saves time, money, labour and avoids possibilities of delay, errors and dissatisfaction. A well designed package would integrate data collection, archiving and analytics as well as report generation, making it easy for decision makers to keep track and evaluate as well as draw insights for improvements and change.

ESS plays an important role each hour, each day in any organization. Before you implement ESS, that, incidentally, should be a part of the overall HR solution, consider the vendor, his track record, degree of customization, support and flexibility of the module. Do this and you have ESS that works to improve efficiencies, reduce cost and give you maximized ROIs.

Author Bio:
Sonali Chowdhry is an HR professional with specialization in consulting as well as selection of IT based solutions.

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