HRMS makes a better choice for the company Growth

While you plan to run a company, it is certain that you will generate a lot of information, not only through the work you are doing, but also through your staff. To get efficient management in these aspects as well, … Continue reading

Managing your workforce through Netcomm Labs HRMS system

Netcomm Labs presents the most versatile Intranet Solution with integration of the most sophisticated features to handle your day to day operations with ease and care. The Employee Self service program has been made to ensure that all your basic … Continue reading

PMS Or Performance Management Systems Play a Vital Role in an Enterprise’s Growth

Whether it is a small business or a large enterprise, it is important that each employee’s performance be monitored, managed and evaluated. An organization’s growth depends on individuals working inside it and vice versa. Performance management is not simply about … Continue reading

HRMS, the When, Why, What, Where and How of it

Human Resource Management System or HRMS is an integrated package combining several modules all connected to human resources in an organization and its diverse functions. A medium or small scale enterprise may consider implementation of a suitable HRMS package and … Continue reading

Leave Management System, an Indispensable Part of HR

Leave management is integral to and forms an important component of HR operations. A typical leave management module of HR permits employee self service section to allow staff to make online applications. Managers in charge can track all such applications … Continue reading

HR Software—The Hub of all HR Functions

The question is not about using HR software—that is a given. It is about which HR software to use that will take care of all functions in a seamless, well integrated and ease to use way for all stakeholders, which … Continue reading

Intranet Portal Applications for Precise Work and Effective Management

A modern and inclusive intranet portal means that there you can find a standardized user interface (UI) in addition to an inbuilt system to confirm user authentication. In simple words, the user can access the portal by signing in rather … Continue reading

Inventive HRMS Intranet Technologies to Get a Smoother Organizational Workflow

The much comprehensive intranet is used for a set of private networks that are present in a company using networking expertise as an instrument for facilitating communication between workgroups or people. Intranet portal makes notable improvements in the entire domain … Continue reading

Payroll Software is a Cost Effective Tool for Streamlining of Payroll Operations

As the world becomes increasingly globalized with the rise in mergers and acquisitions and a highly mobile workforce, the payroll process is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to administer. Technology has come to the rescue with advanced payroll software, customized … Continue reading