Leave Management System, an Indispensable Part of HR

Leave management is integral to and forms an important component of HR operations. A typical leave management module of HR permits employee self service section to allow staff to make online applications. Managers in charge can track all such applications … Continue reading

HR Software—The Hub of all HR Functions

The question is not about using HR software—that is a given. It is about which HR software to use that will take care of all functions in a seamless, well integrated and ease to use way for all stakeholders, which … Continue reading

Intranet Portal Applications for Precise Work and Effective Management

A modern and inclusive intranet portal means that there you can find a standardized user interface (UI) in addition to an inbuilt system to confirm user authentication. In simple words, the user can access the portal by signing in rather … Continue reading

Inventive HRMS Intranet Technologies to Get a Smoother Organizational Workflow

The much comprehensive intranet is used for a set of private networks that are present in a company using networking expertise as an instrument for facilitating communication between workgroups or people. Intranet portal makes notable improvements in the entire domain … Continue reading

Payroll Software is a Cost Effective Tool for Streamlining of Payroll Operations

As the world becomes increasingly globalized with the rise in mergers and acquisitions and a highly mobile workforce, the payroll process is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to administer. Technology has come to the rescue with advanced payroll software, customized … Continue reading