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This is the official blog of your organization's intranet that helps people and organizations work effectively. This blog is a must-have intranet resource for medium to large enterprises seeking to make technology decisions that are simultaneously powerful, popular, and pragmatic.

This intranet would unite a demographically dispersed workforce and be the tangible knowledge repository. It would make it easy for any employee to share information and knowledge on a secure platform. Allows your company to get actively updated on a regular basis, without missing a huge opportunity to increase your company’s visibility and therefore increase your digital reach—your potential client base and your bottom line.

OfficeNet provides
  • Shareability
  • Commenting Functionality
  • Provide a Search Feature
  • Visibility and regular updates for opportunities
  • Motivation to employees
  • Generates back links
  • A low cost marketing device
  • Great tool for relationship marketing
  • It Gets You Media & PR Connections

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